Saccharose (Sucrose)

Table sugar to sweeten food and preserve it

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FAQs about Saccharose (Sucrose) for Food

What is Sucrose?

This ingredient is the common mind known to all as common sugar. This sweetener is formed by the union of two sugars, these being glucose and fructose. The end result is a white processed powder that is soluble in water.

What is Sucrose used for?

In addition to adding sweetness to foods, sucrose is also used in the food industry as:
1. Add volume to bakery products.
2. Combination with gelling agents to generate gelatinous texture (Jams).
3. Yeast fermentation base to grow bread.
4. Reduce the freezing temperature.
5. Increase the boiling temperature.
6. Add color, generally caramel color.
7. Food preservation, avoiding microbial development.
8. Manufacture of alcoholic beverages.

Does sucrose expire?

Common sugar does not have an expiration date and does not require one since it maintains its characteristics without being altered over time. Likewise, we recommend storing this product in a cool, moisture-free place.

are sucrose and sucralose the same?

Although their chemical structure and applications as a sweetening agent are similar, these two additives are totally different: The main difference between these two is that the first is obtained naturally, while the second is an artificial sweetener. If you want to buy Sucralose, in mySibi we have a special section for this product. Don't forget to visit it!

are sucrose and glucose the same thing?

No, these are two different types of sugars. However, sucrose is a discarido composed of fructose and glucose to generate a much more powerful sweetener than in its simple form. Click the link if you want to find glucose for your new culinary creations.